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There are so many pretty Amy/Amelia icons around. I wants one precious. Actually I want about ten whic is difficult what with having the free account and a grand total of six icon slots available to me. I feel so deprived. :-(


This is obviously one of those times when I have to have the conversation with myself again. It goes like this:

Shallow self: How much is the paid account again?
Sensible self: Even if it was a pound a year it would be too much. How often do you change it from the default setting?
Shallow self: ... Very rarely. But then its ironic cause I'm saying all these feelings which my icon says I can't know about... being British.... yeah.
Sensible self: I think that just means you're lazy.
Shallow self: But if I had more icons I would use them more. Honest. I coudl have a pretty Amelia one for Who reviews, and a Miles going WTF for Lost and...
Sensible self: And what? How often do you post about something that isn't Who or Lost?
Shallow self: Maybe if I had more icons I would write more posts?
Sensible self: You have lots of Malfoy icons. Does that mean you've written more fic?
Shallow self: ... No.
Sensible self: Exactly.
Shallow self: Can I get a paid account if I write another Cissy fic?
Sensible self: NO!
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So Doctor Who...

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So I just watched the intro to the most recent Lost Episode and well...
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I know, I know, I am a lurky lurker who lurks and doesn't let people know when she is still alive.

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Yeah. I'm not. And I haven't intentionally been ignoring LJ. I haven't anyway, I have been lurking, I lurk. Yeah.

In quick summary.

Lost )

I have a pretty wonderful Valentines weekend. TB excelled himself. I may post smug photos of what he made me later on.

Lecture now.

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So I love TB dearly. He is generally a lovely guy, caring, sweet, the whole package however he has just got me locked out of my flat without my keys or my phone while none of my flat mates are in... yeah.



Feb. 3rd, 2010 12:50 pm
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Sadly there are no spoilers in this post. Currently downloading the first half of the episode. 30 minutes remaining. I really should be wroking rather than staring at the little bar slowly filling with blue. Yeah...
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Technically this is a meme. But it is late and I haven't written the other fandoms and really this isn't so much a meme as "Here are my thoughts let me tell them to you."

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Title: The Grand Plan

Disclaimer: Characters owned by J.K. Rowling.

Summary: Narcissa's world has shrunk.

Spoiler: For all books.

Characters: Narcissa, Scorpius, Asteria, Draco

Rating: PG.

Beta: Many thanks [ profile] softly_me  and Diu Lin
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Jan. 31st, 2010 08:07 pm
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I've been looking at my old unfinished HP fics and you know actually a lot of them arn't half bad. I especially like the Dean/Luna one. Its slightly bitter sweet and has got a lot of me trying to work out my fanon for why my brand new ship got sunk before I'd settled in on board, with bonus cameos from Lily Potter and Andromeda!

Maybe that is what I should try and do this year. Finish all my old WIPs!


Jan. 29th, 2010 03:31 pm
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Interview Me!
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will post the answers to the questions (and the questions themselves) on your blog or journal.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. And so on and so on and so on...

[ profile] softly_me asked me:

1. What you miss most about the HP fandom? What do you miss least?

Goodness me this is a tough question. I guess I'd have to go with the excitement. It was the one thing that trancended shipping loyalties. No matter whether you were a Harmonica or Orange Squeeze or another intentionally screwed up shipname everyone was united by this sense of anticipation. We might have wanted different things out of the books but not one of us could wait to get our grubby little paws on the next one. And when a fandom is just so big that excitement just infuses the whole thing. It was this huge energy which was ultimately unsustainable. Waiting for the next book was such an integeral part of the fannish culture that once that anticipation was gone and the series was tied up with a disgustingly pink ribbon the massive ball of energy was reduced to a spark.

Then again I also loved the sense of community that being part of a fandom and part of a forum gave you.

Though that also brings me on to the thing I miss least. SOX! I remember just after DH had been released there was a disscussion, as there was bound to be, about Ginny. And because it was Ginny, and because over the years SQ had expanded from simply a shipping forum to a canon and general discussion forum and this had resulted in attracting people that didn't whole heartedly support the forum's original agenda, there was disagreement. Which happens, especially around such a volitile subject, but the way the mods responded was with a completely over the top "Our way or the highway" statement issued pretty much everywhere on the forum. It was hard in that fandom to find a place to just talk about the books we all loved without censor.

Sort of why I loved UR so much.

2. Who's your favorite teacher that you've ever had?

Mrs. Barbour. She was my English teacher from the start of GCSE when I was fourteen to when I left school. She had been teaching at the school for over twenty five years, she loved our class, during GCSE especially, and she was enthusiastic about her subject. The previous year I had been coasting. Our teacher was pretty boring so I read books under the desk and didn't put much effort in. I actually only got into the top set because in audition to the main tests which were more language based we did an unseen poetry exam which I engaged with. If it hadn't been for my mark that I would have had teh boring teacher again and I probably wouldn't be studying English at uni now. Mrs. B  challenged me. The first bit of homework I did for her got a C. She knew I could be good so she pushed me. Gave me a shelf of books to read. Forced me to be the best that I could be.

3. What are your top five episodes of Doctor Who?

Hmm. Well I know that my favourite fifteen minutes of Doctor Who is the end of Utopia. I could watch that whol sequence when the Doctor finds out about Yana's pocket watch on repeat for a whole day. Especially in the wake of EoT which completely changed the significance of his line about the Time Lords dying. I love DT's acting, how he keeps on working to launch the ship while barely controling his emotions, hardly daring to hope, the bit where he turns and shouts at Martha after he has been holding on so tightly. It give me shivers everytime. Actually scrap that, Utopia, definitely one of my favourite episodes, if not my favourite.

The end of the third season, those thiree episodes, probably take up three slots. Sure there wasn't enough of DT and JS actually talking to each other without CGI in LotTL but even with TinkerbellJesus!Doctor (which I didn't really hate in the first place) I love it. I mean it has the utter awesomeness of Martha walking the world to tell a story then laughing at the Master just when he thought he'd won. I also like her speech to the Doctor at the end. She leaves because she knows it isn't good for her to hang around him any more but she doesn't let him run away from her either. In the end Martha doesn't, and never did, need the Doctor. Both Rose and Donna needed him to give them a boost, to show them that they could be heros and were already extraordinary. He gave them a direction and a purpose but Martha already knew that she was going to save lives and help others by being a doctor. Her trip in the TARDIS while amazing was never going to be her life and when it doesn't work for her any more she leaves. She ends up with the power and I like that. Also those episodes have so much Doctor/Master, the phone sex, the singing etc

Sort of wish that they counted as just one.

My other two are probably Blink because it was so neat and when I went to bed I found it very difficult to sleep due to having my eyes glued open. Also Runaway Bride. I loved Donna before it was fashionable and you know what if I was transported to an alien ship during my wedding I'd shout a hell of a lot as well. I love the contrasts in it. The moments of high energy and slapstick directly next to the absolutely gut wrenching sorrow at teh heart of the story.

There are so many episodes that I would like to mention, Family of Blood two parter, Are You my Mummy, Midnight, Fires of Pompei even despite its flaws EoT part 2.

4. You can bring one book to a deserted island plane flight where you'll have a 18-hour layover in some boring airport, what is it?

I'm tempted to say Lord of the Rings. It was actually the book that my parent's gave me to tide me over during the three day journey to New Zealand when I was ten. (Not the I read much of it then, turned out that the planes we were on had Super Mario installed on the seat computors which me and my sister proceeded to play for most of the flights.) It's would probably tide me over. Either that or put me to sleep. I've never actually managed to re-read the whole thing. I always give up because it takes them so bloody long to get out of the Shire so maybe if I had literally nothing else to do...

Trouble is I read so fast that most books just aren't long enough. I guess it would have to be LotR though I'm reserving the right to fall asleep instead.

5. Do you travel much? What's your favorite place that you've been? What the #1 place you'd like to go?

When I was younger we mainly went to France or Devon for our summer holidays but when I was ten we left to spend a whol year in New Zealand. I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have because I was in a class with slightly older children (twelve to thirteen year olds) so I didn't really fit in. Aside for that though I'm so glad we went. It was a very different culture, we saw more of that country than we have of our own really because we were making the effort to see as much as possible. In a way it was a bit like going back in time, kids riding their bikes to school, Guides that actually built camp fires, dairys that sold one cent sweets, towns that looked a bit like it was the fifties.

I'd like to go back now. See how it has changed. Look at it from an adults perspective.

6. When are you going to post your HP story? (See how I snuck that in there?)

Very soon. :-)
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Two days ago it was my birthday. I was born at five minutes to midnight on the twenty sixth of January in the year 1990. I have now been on this earth for twenty years, eight hours and forty six minutes. People have been describing this to me in various ways. I'm closer to thirty than I am to ten. When I live I long as I have now I'll be forty. Its only twice ten. I guess it's a glass half full/half empty sort of thing.

Of course I don't feel any different. When I was little I used to say that "When I am five I'm going to be good." And then the next year: "When I am six I'm going to be good." I have not been saying the when I am twenty I am going to be good because I probably won't be but I was thinking that this term I would be a bit more organised than I was last term. This hasn't really happened so far but hey, we can always hope.

I guess I'm thankful. In twenty years I haven't been happy all the time but then again I haven't been constantly sad. I've got issues but then who hasn't? I've managed to grow up fairly alright. Insecure, a bit lazy and too eager to please but basically okay. Up until very recently I still had the tendency to think of myself as a girl but I'm not. I'm not even a teenager any more. I hope that I'll always have bits of the girl I was within me but I've got to stop clinging on to her. I always want to look back to some imagined time when everything was perfect but I can't and don't want to do that any more. I think I can be a young woman instead. It isn't so bad. In fact I'm pretty happy most of the time. I like the woman that I have become.

Yeah I have... deeps.

Anyway my birthday was also good because we found the house that we are going to rent next year. Its an old Victorian Terrace and my room is fairly small but it has all this old furniture and we kind of love it already. We signed for it yesterday. Admittedly I have been having worry dreams about it but I'll get over it.

Also got recalled for my Accidental Death of an Anarchist audition.

Now all I need to do is some work and tidy my room.


Jan. 20th, 2010 11:15 am
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Have an exam in less than three hours. Am not prepared enough. Just spent an hour reading fandom secrets and Penny/Sheldon fic. A) I need to be revising and B) I've never read either of those things before. What the hell brain?!

Just concentrate for three more hours on macromolecules and metabolism then I promise that you can have as much fandom ravings as you want.

You know if I don't get a job I won't have money for internet.

(Not that this is actually that important an exam and I think I'm going to pass but still... How can one be a perfectionist and still be so bloody lazy? Why am I still typing?! WTF brain?!)
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It is exam time!

Really, really not yay! So I only have one left but it is Biochemistry which by all rights someone on an English and History course shouldn't be doing. I should just tell them that on the day. "Sorry but I'm not suppose to be here, well I am, but if you just give me a moment to go back in time and tell my slightly younger self NOT TO BE SO BLOODY STUPID then everything will be sorted out and dandy, no? Crap.

All is okay though. I, vaguely, know how to do the Malate-Aspartate shuffle and I have many pretty pieces of paper suffering from an abundance of coloured pens scattered around my room. If I just make the notes look pretty enough they will soak into my brain, that is how it works isn't it? Isn't it?!

The snow has pretty much all gone by now. Just a couple of sad lumps scattered around the halls. For a couple of days though you did risk serious injury if you ventured outside as the was black ice literally everywhere. I walked into uni the other day and, if I hadn't been in exactly the same position, watching everyone walking very, very slowly and then falling over would have been the funniest thing ever. 

Being Human has started!

Mildly spoilery thoughts )
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Okay I wouldn't mind normally. Because hey it never snows this much up here and yes it is, or would be, kind of cool. But not when TB is meant to be coming up from the South tomorrow. Yes my dad has a four wheel drive and he has said that he'll be able to pick him up from the train station but still... I get the feeling that the weather doesn't like me.

Also yes believe me I know I'm being irrational but I didn't think I'd miss him so much. Its only been about three weeks... I would never survive a long distance relationship. So yeah. Crazy is crazy.
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So I thought I should put down some of my thoughts.
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Nov. 28th, 2009 12:21 pm
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And now I feel utterly awful. What have I done wrong universe? What could be so dreadful as to justify getting hit by a car and getting the flu in the same week. I was going to go meet people today. Get back on the road to recovery!. Damn it!
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I'm sure everyone will be pleased to know that I'm doing well.

I've been spending most of my time sleeping and watching TV.

Mostly Greek which I have been meaning to catch up on for ages. So far I'm really enjoying it. Great characters and the only love triangle I have ever seen where you like all three people in the triangle. I mean one of them you think you are going to hate but now half the time I find myself liking him and even when he is being a douche you can understand why he is. The only annoying thing is that I downloaded it before the great computer crash of 2009 and thus I can only watch bits of my download, the rest I have to stream on mega video so lots of stopping and starting and going away for an hour. Grrr.

Still tired and achy.

Right bed now. Having spent a week hiding in my dorm (apart from TB's birthday dinner. It is amazing what a nice dress and some strategic hair placement can do to make you look good a day after getting run over) it is time to face the world again and actually socialise.

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So yesterday I got hit by a car.

I always thought that this sort of thing happened to other people but no, yesterday I got hit by an actual, honest to god car. It was red. After our rather intimate encounter it also had no number plate and a rather dented bumper. I only heard this second hand however as I was too busy sitting on the (wet) curb sobbing and generally being in shock. Oh and pain, there was that too. Due to being hit by a car I imagine. Only I didn't have to imagine because it had actually happened.

That last paragraph didn't make much sense did it?

Right start again.

First I'm not seriously hurt. My right foot is quite sore but they think it is just bruising. Both my knees have swelled up and the left one has five stitches in it. I've got scraps on my shoulder and a gigantic swollen black eye. Some of the bone round the eye might be cracked but they aren't sure. But you know it could have been a hell of a lot worse as the dent in the back of my helmet demonstrates. Seriously, wear your helmet kids! It will stop you dying!

So I was biking to uni to hand in my English essay. It is a straight road to uni and I was going down the hill, free wheeling, in the bike lane. I was going past a road on my left and a car turned into said road. I crashed straight into it. Didn't even have time to put my breaks on. Sort of remember going over the bonnet of the car very fast. Apparently I flew. Landed sort of sitting up on the curb on the other side of the road.

I decided that then would be a good point to burst into tears.

There were two little old ladies in the car and I can remember one of them opening the car door to ask if I was all right to which I replied "No, you just hit me with your car!" Then there were lots of people standing about and police turned up and I kept telling people that my laptop was in my backpack and that I needed to hand in my essay. Then some one found my phone and I called my boyfriend. Which you know was not the best call he has ever received. Especially since I was sobbing and in shock and not making a lot of sense.

He was at the uni so he ran to the bus stop, got the next bus and said to the driver "Sorry, I don;t have any money but my girlfriend has just been hit by a car." So apparently you get to ride for free if that ever happens to you.

He was an absolute star for the whole day.

And it was a whole day. It took a bout an hour for the ambulance to turn up but in the mean time I had a nice paramedic man looking after me. And TB checked my laptop which was still working and in much better shape than me. He also checked up on things like insurance stuff, got the police to phone my mum and asked the church near by to keep my bike safe. (Its a complete write off, cracked frame and bent front wheel, but better it than me.) When it did arrive the ambulance people were lovely. Put some rudimentary bandages on my knees. Which meant that I was now wearing leggings with very big holes in the knees. Don't think it started any fashion trend though.

Hospital was boring. Very very boring. I love the NHS but boy do you wait a lot. We got in to the hospital at about half one and didn't leave until at least half eight that night. All the people were brilliant but it was a case of being wheeled to wait in one room and then them changing their mind and taking you somewhere else to wait. We did get three sandwiches though.

Was back in for an eye clinic this morning and shall be taking at least a few days off uni.

Because you know, I got hit by a car and if that doesn't entitle me to a few days of R&R I don't know what does.


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