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Well I for one am absolutly exhausted after our riot last night. Would you believe I didn't get to bed until 2 in the morning! It was worth it though, it isn't often that you embark upon a perilous quest to save a rooster, witness, try to prevent the horror of your UR mother falling for the noted spouse killer Mrs Zabini, inspire a drabble and acheive the rank of Prefect all in one night. And Draco doesn't seem to be as annoyed this year as he was the last couple of years, maybe being on the run has softened him a bit, either that or he just has better things to do with his time then chastise his humble minions. Pity I was quite looking foreward to seeing Desie realise her dreadful mistake.

All five of our older pet lambs are suckling off the bucket now, but unfortunatly we have two new ones who are completly useless. And lambing isn't even half over!

Could some one tell me which challenges I have to do to gain other ranks, I am rather curious and quite desperate to climb further up the UR ladder.
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Well, my first reaction upon seeing the UK cover was "Oh no poor Ron! This artist has decided that Rupert Grint's Terrified!Facial expression is something that you actually do". Also they all apear to be falling out of the Stargate (for those of you who haven't seen Stargate SG1 the Stargate is this round thing that looks exactly like the thing in the UK cover, and it is a portal to other worlds) and if it is a Stargate, which it obviously is, then the funny symbol on the spine is one of the symbols on the Stargate which I think means Earth. 

As for the US cover, well it has got a veil, or at least a pair of yellow curtains. Which is alwasy a plus I feel.

On the lambing front, one more pet lamb. Both suckling well.

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Lambing Update:

(Can you have an update when you haven't actually posed anything about a subject yet? But never mind the technicalities)

We have our first pet lamb now. Took it off a ewe with a triplet (you have to because the ewes don't have enough milk for three lamb. It is sucking well, although not taking much milk at any one time.

Also let four ewes and their lambs outside for the first time.

This is an extract from a fic that is probably never going to be posted in its entirety:

“It looks like a walnut.” Sirius said, squinting at the picture in his hand.


“No look it’s got limbs, walnuts don’t have limbs.” Peter replied, poking the picture.


“You call those arms and legs?” Sirius looked incredulously at his friend, “’Cause I don’t, some sort of fungal growth perhaps but useful arms and legs? No.”


“Well it doesn’t exactly need to pick up a wand does it? What would it need arms and legs for?”


The conversation slowly descended into bickering, with lots of illustrating jabs at the source of the disagreement. James sighed, then turned to Remus (who was staring over Sirius’s shoulder) with a slightly pleading look on his face.


“You see it don’t you Moony, he doesn’t look like a walnut, or a fungus, does he?”


“Of course I do,” Remus replied with a reassuring smile at the anxious dad to be, “It’s an excellent picture of a Kappa water demon in its natural habitat.”


James’ hopeful expression fell into one of acute dismay.


“He isn’t a walnut or fungus or a Japanese Water demon!” He practically wailed, “He’s my son! And you’re all blind if you can’t see him.”


“Calm down Prongs,” Sirius said, more than slightly amused at his friend’s desperation, “We’re only joking.”


“Yeah, look he just did a sort of summersault.” Peter added, slapping him on the back, “Obvious to every one that he’s yours.”


“Right.” James said grinning rather sheepishly, “I guess I just got a bit worked up, I mean this is kind of big, isn’t it? Me a dad!”


“Doesn’t bear thinking about.” Sirius said seriously.


“Just one question though,” Peter said in a slightly puzzled voice, “How do you know that the walnut is a boy?”


“Are you blind or something?” James asked, grabbing the photo off Sirius and pointing, “Look, boy.”






“That’s its arm.”


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