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So yesterday I got hit by a car.

I always thought that this sort of thing happened to other people but no, yesterday I got hit by an actual, honest to god car. It was red. After our rather intimate encounter it also had no number plate and a rather dented bumper. I only heard this second hand however as I was too busy sitting on the (wet) curb sobbing and generally being in shock. Oh and pain, there was that too. Due to being hit by a car I imagine. Only I didn't have to imagine because it had actually happened.

That last paragraph didn't make much sense did it?

Right start again.

First I'm not seriously hurt. My right foot is quite sore but they think it is just bruising. Both my knees have swelled up and the left one has five stitches in it. I've got scraps on my shoulder and a gigantic swollen black eye. Some of the bone round the eye might be cracked but they aren't sure. But you know it could have been a hell of a lot worse as the dent in the back of my helmet demonstrates. Seriously, wear your helmet kids! It will stop you dying!

So I was biking to uni to hand in my English essay. It is a straight road to uni and I was going down the hill, free wheeling, in the bike lane. I was going past a road on my left and a car turned into said road. I crashed straight into it. Didn't even have time to put my breaks on. Sort of remember going over the bonnet of the car very fast. Apparently I flew. Landed sort of sitting up on the curb on the other side of the road.

I decided that then would be a good point to burst into tears.

There were two little old ladies in the car and I can remember one of them opening the car door to ask if I was all right to which I replied "No, you just hit me with your car!" Then there were lots of people standing about and police turned up and I kept telling people that my laptop was in my backpack and that I needed to hand in my essay. Then some one found my phone and I called my boyfriend. Which you know was not the best call he has ever received. Especially since I was sobbing and in shock and not making a lot of sense.

He was at the uni so he ran to the bus stop, got the next bus and said to the driver "Sorry, I don;t have any money but my girlfriend has just been hit by a car." So apparently you get to ride for free if that ever happens to you.

He was an absolute star for the whole day.

And it was a whole day. It took a bout an hour for the ambulance to turn up but in the mean time I had a nice paramedic man looking after me. And TB checked my laptop which was still working and in much better shape than me. He also checked up on things like insurance stuff, got the police to phone my mum and asked the church near by to keep my bike safe. (Its a complete write off, cracked frame and bent front wheel, but better it than me.) When it did arrive the ambulance people were lovely. Put some rudimentary bandages on my knees. Which meant that I was now wearing leggings with very big holes in the knees. Don't think it started any fashion trend though.

Hospital was boring. Very very boring. I love the NHS but boy do you wait a lot. We got in to the hospital at about half one and didn't leave until at least half eight that night. All the people were brilliant but it was a case of being wheeled to wait in one room and then them changing their mind and taking you somewhere else to wait. We did get three sandwiches though.

Was back in for an eye clinic this morning and shall be taking at least a few days off uni.

Because you know, I got hit by a car and if that doesn't entitle me to a few days of R&R I don't know what does.
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Oh, you poor thing. Very glad to hear that it wasn't worse, but it sounds ouchy enough anyway.

Some of the bone round the eye might be cracked but they aren't sure.

That's what happened to my mum when she had a fall in the summer. There's not much they can do about it even if they were sure but it heals up gradually.

Many hugs and take it easy because you'll be feeling shaky for a while.

[identity profile] 2009-11-25 02:27 pm (UTC)(link)
Thanks for the many hugs. I feel very much in need of them at the moment.

I've got two more appointments next week so they can take a closer look once the swelling has gone down a bit but as you say there isn't much to do but wait for it to heal.

Was due to take a test for Biology tomorrow but at the moment all I want to do is sleep for a week so...

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Oh no! Rose! Are you sure you're alright? Absolutely positively sure?

I suppose you are alright enough to make funny posts about the incident. "After our rather intimate encounter" had me giggling and my sister confused ('Didn't you just say your friend was hit by a car?').

Take all the time you need to rest and recover. I don't think there are any professors who don't consider 'hit by a car' a valid excuse. And I love that your boyfriend has his very own lj short hand TB.

[identity profile] 2009-11-25 04:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Well currently I'm defining alright as not being seriously injured or dead... So yes, I'm fine. Quite shaken and sore but it could have been a lot worse. Also I've got all these friends looking after me and worrying about me and ferrying me to hospital and offering to get me milk so yeah.

It sucks but it'll get better.

Yeah. I had to name him something and my mind was a blank for anything better. :-)