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 Or Family Traditions make me happy.

At Christmas we open our stockings on our parents bed and my mum complains about being woken up too early. At Easter we use boiled eggs to make strange creations and then win all the prizes at the village show. And in the summer we pack up several tonnes worth of food, put on several layers of warm clothes and go to Wallington to watch an open air performance by the Illyria Theatre Company. You are Welcome to take a look at their website.

This became a tradition several years ago when we went on a whim and sat on a picnic blanket with one thermos of tea and felt really inadequate in comparison to the people next to us who seemed to have brought a four course meal which they ate while sitting on chairs at a table and drinking glasses of champagne. We have not quite gone that far yet but someday... someday.

Last night my mum and I had enough trouble trying to make coronation chicken. We did eventually get to Wallington after a couple of hours of running round the house searching for blankets, filling flasks and thrusting spoons of coronation sauce at people to taste.

The play itself was wonderful as always. Six people acted out both the Three Musketeers and the Four Musketeers in three hours. There were amazing sword fights, intrigue, drama and bags and bags of laughs. Maybe it is because of all the quick costume changes they have to do but this companies productions always have so much energy. Last year we went to see Pride and Prejudice, again with only six people, and it was ten times better than that Ikea Knightly film of which we do not speak. They even gave a little prologue which told us that despite being compressed so much only six lines in the play were not taken verbatim from the book and as one of those lines was a joke about how Darcy liked to go swimming in his shirt I think that we can forgive them that.   

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I'm bored. Its Saturday night and none of my friends are in so.....

I should probably do some work, or write some more of my Dean story, but I'm too busy being bored.


On the plus side England beat Australia in teh ruby this afternoon! Go team! It was a really tense match, so glad that we pulled through.

Hmm, I need some inspiration, either that or I shoudl phone my mum. Haven't chatted to her in a while.
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Ah the first proper weekend of the term, a whole two days! A complete lack of school on Saturday, bliss. I've spent most of it in front of the tele catching up on Heroes, which is my new favorite show. I'm up to Chapter Twelve.

I'm busy trying to complete my UCAS form at the moment, (or uni aplication form for those not in the UK), I have to write a personal statement that says that I am equally enthusiastic about drama and English, but that isn't as difficult as the one my friend needs to write, for Geography and art.

Oh and I have the main part in the school play, with a huge amount of lines to learn.

But in the midst of all this i have managed to put a story up on SQ:


Sep. 18th, 2007 10:34 am
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I'm cold, in case you didn't get that from the title.

Currently I'm wearing thermal leggings, thermal top, scarf, gloves and the rest of my uniform and I'm still cold. Why is this I hear you ask. Well because our Bursar He Who Controls The Purse Strings refuses to turn the heating on. So the only room in our entire house that is moderatly warm is the computor room, so obviously I'm spending more time on teh computor than i would if all the other rooms wern't like the proverbial freazer.

Cold is bad for my social life.

It is three weeks into the term and I still can't believe that this is my last year. I man I swear I'm still fifteen, or maybe five....

Anyway, school is weird and fic is a coming. 


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