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 So about a week or so ago I got half way through writing a review for a play I went to see down in London. Then I stopped. Two episodes of Merlin have gone by. My Cissy and Scops story is sort of sitting in beta because I haven't quite managed to send off the final draft yet. So yeah... university is slowly eating my fannish life. University and (say it quietly) a boyfriend


As for Merlin, it is enjoyable, I love Arthur to bits and the ladies need more screen time. Arthur/Gwen is my new favourite pairing and the fanfic continues to be better than the show in terms of quality and thought put in. 

I spent all of yesterday writing and essay for English then woke up this morning at 11.15 with the essay still only in electronic form and due in at twelve. So yeah that was very stressful.

Am currently in trampoline trying to sort out my routine for the friendly on Saturday.

There, a post, I feel very proud. 


Oct. 3rd, 2009 09:47 pm
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Well mainly Merlin. First of all I just want to have a small breakdown about the hopefully temporary demise of my laptop. It was being slow and unresponsive and generally pissing about so I gave it a metaphorical boot up the arse by turning it off and turning it back on again. That is how you fix computers after all. Unfortunatly my laptop took issue with this and has decided that it likes the process of waking up so much that it is going to do that again and again and again in a continuous loop without ever actually, to extend the metaphor a tad further, getting the hell out of bed! Seriously I turn it on, it does its loading screen, picture of an apple, circle thing going round, loading, loading, funny "I is dead" noise, blank screen then we are back to the loading screen and the whole thing starts again.


As you can imagine this has made me very unhappy. Am going to take it to the repair shop down the road that does Mac on Monday but still... why at the weekend laptop? Why?

So I watched Merlin on a friend's laptop and was cheered up at least a little.

Merlin.... )
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Mildly spoilery Merlin babble )

Also they reason why I was several sheets to the wind last night was because I am at uni! Yayness! I have an international flat. There is a girl from Poland, a girl from Italy and a girl from Quebec. This is kind of cool and they all seem nice. Am currently unpacking the many, many boxes I brought with me so that the room is tidy before Freshers week really kicks in.


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