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Well, it's been a while since I updated this....

Mainly because the Easter Holidays are over as of ten days ago. So I have been busy catching up on all the work that I didn't do over the holidays because I was doing things like updating the journal. However I have not just been busy with school work, oh no! Not only have I produced several drabbles, (located on the UR drabble thread if you are interested) I have finally managed to finish the next chapter of GUB and have sent it off to my beta. So hopefully it should be up quite soon.

Also last night I went on a sponsored sleepout on the streets of Edinburgh, to raise money to help homeless people, with a group of friends from school. It was really good fun and absolutely nothing like really sleeping rough, as there was soup and hot drinks available through out the night, you were allowed to go inside this nearby building to go to the loo or if you got really cold, the entire square was sectioned off so that no actual homeless people (or other dangerous folk) could come in and the provided materials (cardboard and plastic sheets) with which you could make your own shelter. Our shelter was amazing, it covered all twelve of us, didn't fall down during the night and protected us from the wind. All in all it was a blast. Although my sister and some of the others went straight from this to a two day hike over the Pentlands for Duke of Edinburgh. Poor them.....

Also this: 

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