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Technically this is a meme. But it is late and I haven't written the other fandoms and really this isn't so much a meme as "Here are my thoughts let me tell them to you."

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Title: The Grand Plan

Disclaimer: Characters owned by J.K. Rowling.

Summary: Narcissa's world has shrunk.

Spoiler: For all books.

Characters: Narcissa, Scorpius, Asteria, Draco

Rating: PG.

Beta: Many thanks [ profile] softly_me  and Diu Lin
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Jan. 31st, 2010 08:07 pm
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I've been looking at my old unfinished HP fics and you know actually a lot of them arn't half bad. I especially like the Dean/Luna one. Its slightly bitter sweet and has got a lot of me trying to work out my fanon for why my brand new ship got sunk before I'd settled in on board, with bonus cameos from Lily Potter and Andromeda!

Maybe that is what I should try and do this year. Finish all my old WIPs!
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 So about a week or so ago I got half way through writing a review for a play I went to see down in London. Then I stopped. Two episodes of Merlin have gone by. My Cissy and Scops story is sort of sitting in beta because I haven't quite managed to send off the final draft yet. So yeah... university is slowly eating my fannish life. University and (say it quietly) a boyfriend


As for Merlin, it is enjoyable, I love Arthur to bits and the ladies need more screen time. Arthur/Gwen is my new favourite pairing and the fanfic continues to be better than the show in terms of quality and thought put in. 

I spent all of yesterday writing and essay for English then woke up this morning at 11.15 with the essay still only in electronic form and due in at twelve. So yeah that was very stressful.

Am currently in trampoline trying to sort out my routine for the friendly on Saturday.

There, a post, I feel very proud. 
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 So I joined draco_asteria because if I am going to be writing about them I might as well make my scribblings available to those who would like to read them. Who knows I might actually get reviews! :-) Anyway I entered the drabble challenge this week. I can't tell you which one it is but I encourage you to head over there to show support. You can't tell who voted for which one so if you don't think that mine is the most fantabulous then I can't hunt you down with a pick axe. Which is good to know I think. 

Also any recs of LJ coms to do with Draco or post DH fic would be good. It is very frustrating to be back in a Harry Potter mood when everyone else on your flist is going: "God that is so, like, two years ago. Come on TV is the place to be now."

Also give me a character that I write and I will give you ten facts about them from my personal canon. It might be fun.


Aug. 24th, 2009 11:37 pm
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 I'v been off the grid for a while due to being away peer mentoring on a residential drama project for kids at risk of exclusion. It was, in case you wanted to know, amazing but absolutely exhausting. The kids ranged from sensible and mature to down right aggravating. However the other leaders were fantastic, we all bonded really well and had a blast whether we were moaning about the kids or having huge water fights. So glad I did it and will totally do it again next year.

In other news I have finished the spin off fic about Susan Bones giving Draco a job. It is unbetaed and it is actually the first time I've written Draco. Critique is much appreciated and I will eat up any comments you have with a spoon.

As always, characters aren't mine, they belong to JKR, I'm only trying to stick them back together after she broke them.

Title: TBC

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 So what have I been doing instead of writing all the things I need to write?

I have been surfing DeviantArt for pictures of people who could be Asteria.

Cut for more stuff than you ever wanted to know about my thought process )


Aug. 14th, 2009 11:22 pm
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 I am now going to whine about how I miss forums.

Bah humbug! )
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Right a proper review now!


Things I loved:

hings I loved: )
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 Watched a Harry Potter movie without snarking about plot inconsistencies, bad acting or werewolves with bad hair. I actually had to shush the rest of my family for pointing out things that didn't happen in the book. Seriously guys this has never happened before, even in the first film which followed the books like a rather dumb puppy I got annoyed about various things, but this film? This film I loved to bits. I thought the acting was outstanding, the script didn't make me roll my eyes and some of the direction was breath taking. I sat there completely enthralled for pretty much all of the film and yes I do have some quibbles but they are fairly minor and didn't detract from my over all love of it.

I don;t have time to write up a detailed review at present but rest assured it will come. I actually can't wait to write it.
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This journal is a mite dusty.

And I think the Post a Comment button is pretty much defunt from lack of use, sorry about that guys.

This is more a post to let everyone know that I do still exist and haven't been taken out by some strange virus that caused me to vomit small kittens or been thrown in prison after being involved in a Italian Job style robbery that went badly wrong, possibly because I would be unable to drive the mini because my mum refuses to insure her car so that I can learn to drive.

I have how ever had the lead in the school play (it went really well thanks for asking) and haven't done anything else either work or writing related as a result of this, after all the play is the thing. And now that teh play is over coursework and auditions are the thing. I've got at least three auditions coming up, hopefully four, and I need two speeches one a Shakespeare and a song for nearly all of them. Currently it is the song that is giving me problems as I am rather afraid that if I do sing for them I may be asked to leave on the spot. (I not that bad but I have issues with pitching). And on top of that there is the History and the English coursework and all the other essays that people keep setting me.

Sigh, so writing and internet on the back burner at the moment. Although before all of this hit my Dean fic produced a  black little plot bunny showing what happened to the Muggleborn kids that didn't go on the run. It promises to be one of the darkest things that I've written, once I've got some of the fundamental elements sorted out in my head. 

I've basically decided that after the Preliminary Interview that Harry read about in the Prophet any underage Muggleborns are removed to this random old house in the country for holding until their "trail". I figure that the Ministry might want to keep them out of the public eye until everything is a bit more secure, stuff involving kids tends to stir up people. I'm thinking propaganda involving them learning how to live like Muggles in preperation for being released back into their natural enviroment. Sending eleven year olds straight to Askaban isn't very good PR. 

The problem I keep banging my head up against is that for the purposes of the fic I sort of need them to be able to talk to each other, exchange information contraband and maybe saliva (after all they are teenagers) but I also know that if I was in charge of a bunch of magically gifted kids in that sort of situation I make damned well sure that they couldn't. Constant supervision and all that jazz, I mean you could just put Silencio on all of them, so I need justification for the amount of freedom that they are given.

Also stuff for them to do. There is only so many times you can clean one house.
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Well I read it. Then I went and checked up on my flist and the SQ. And I've only just stoped shaking and hour and a half afterwards. 

Okay, here goes.


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