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Title: The Grand Plan

Disclaimer: Characters owned by J.K. Rowling.

Summary: Narcissa's world has shrunk.

Spoiler: For all books.

Characters: Narcissa, Scorpius, Asteria, Draco

Rating: PG.

Beta: Many thanks [ profile] softly_me  and Diu Lin
The Grand Plan )


Aug. 24th, 2009 11:37 pm
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 I'v been off the grid for a while due to being away peer mentoring on a residential drama project for kids at risk of exclusion. It was, in case you wanted to know, amazing but absolutely exhausting. The kids ranged from sensible and mature to down right aggravating. However the other leaders were fantastic, we all bonded really well and had a blast whether we were moaning about the kids or having huge water fights. So glad I did it and will totally do it again next year.

In other news I have finished the spin off fic about Susan Bones giving Draco a job. It is unbetaed and it is actually the first time I've written Draco. Critique is much appreciated and I will eat up any comments you have with a spoon.

As always, characters aren't mine, they belong to JKR, I'm only trying to stick them back together after she broke them.

Title: TBC

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Two weeks later Martha rings the Doctor. )



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So... after the metaphorical drought of inspiration I am now sitting in a oasis of plot bunnies. 

I'm not sure whether this is going to result in an out flow of fic or curses but for the moment all is well.

So far I have this little drabble:

It was inspired by a quote from Heroes and may increase in length but for the moment I give you Pansy. 

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Play rehersals are going well you will be pleased to find out. I'm starting to make a dent in the huge number of lines that I have to learn, which is all good, but doesn't exactly leave a lot of time for drabbles or fic. And when I do write I'm trying to concentrate on my Dean fic, so....


But I have dredged this up out of the depths of my computor for your viewing pleasure. It is pre-DH, so well, it would need some major changes to fit into canon now so, yeah, it is still Andromeda/Ted.


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Ah the first proper weekend of the term, a whole two days! A complete lack of school on Saturday, bliss. I've spent most of it in front of the tele catching up on Heroes, which is my new favorite show. I'm up to Chapter Twelve.

I'm busy trying to complete my UCAS form at the moment, (or uni aplication form for those not in the UK), I have to write a personal statement that says that I am equally enthusiastic about drama and English, but that isn't as difficult as the one my friend needs to write, for Geography and art.

Oh and I have the main part in the school play, with a huge amount of lines to learn.

But in the midst of all this i have managed to put a story up on SQ:
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First and most importantly of all, look at Mini!Bella and Dromy, aren’t they amazing. The drawing is the sole property of Makani (which is why it is so fantastic) and I coloured it in myself (which is why the colouring is a bit dodgy) But that aside aren’t they just perfect, seriously this is the closest I've got to my mental picture of these two and that is just something that my Bella would do.

Anyway, exams are OVER!!! (Actually they've been over for a week but it has taken me this long to get out of the "I Can't Write I Have Things To Do" mode) They all went fairly well, so fingers crossed and all. I don't want to say anything else for fear of jinxing my marks or something. Knock on wood and all that.

Talking of writing, the amount of things I feel I have to do at the moment is quite scary really. The next chapter of GUB is in the pipeline, I can promise more of the Gang, Fun and Games at the Rosier Grandparents house and Magic! Then there is the one shot that is begging to be written, damn plot bunnies that won't give up and all that (by the way this one is your fault Chilla). And I need to get caught up on the drabble prompts. 

Thank goodness that summer is nearly here (not that you can tell from the weather, which is disgusting damn you British summer.

But my summer is pretty hectic as well. I've got two drama courses down in London which take up most of August, then there's relatives to be visited and at some point I want to start my driving lessons, oh, there was something else as well wasn't there...


I really do have mixed feelings about this, on one hand we get to know how it ends and on the other hand...we get to know how it ends. We will probably see Andromeda (yey!), we will probably see Andromeda (argh). I mean after this... all our wriggle room disappears. We will know the mysteries of Snape, who lives, who dies, which ships sink and which go sailing off into the sunset. And, well I like not knowing the be all and end all. (Though I suppose since I mainly write pre-canon I won't be as effected as some) Oh but I really need to get that one shot done! Argh! That'll sink with DH, pretty sure of that.

I'm going to the midnight party in Waterstones though. Something which I've never done before, and I'm dressing up, as Luna with proper radish earrings and a cork necklace. My sister will probably be going as Ginny. She isn't much of a fan, in fact she isn't really a fan at all, but she wants to go as "The Biggest Harry Potter Freak Ever" and asked me for tips, I told her to get stuffed and just to go as a really good Ginny. A friend of ours is also coming, curly brown hair, therefore Hermione. It is going to be so much fun.

I'm also going to take ear plugs in case we get people driving past shouting spoilers like last time.

Oh and bit of fic:


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I find it very ironic that my AS English exam takesplace on the 25th of May and I am debating whether or not to find a lilac ribbon and wear it for luck or something. Although I have the niggling doubt that that isn't really the point of wearing lilac tomorrow.

That will probably only make sense to Discworld fans....

Anyway, the subjects of this exams are old Will's sonnets and "A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters" by Julian Barnes. 

Barnes I can get good marks on if I have a couple of hours rather than fifty odd minutes and sonnets are quite lovely so....

Mind you my revision last night eventually deteriorated into trying to find *hem hem* phallic symbols in the sonnets, it wasn't difficult really, practically any line you care to mention can be well...taken the wrong way (much like the last bit of that sentence). 

"And my next self thou harder hast engross'd"
Even, and I hate to do this because it is my absolute favorite sonnet:

"Rosy lips and cheeks within his bending sickles compass come"

Oh dear....

Also fic:


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Well, it's been a while since I updated this....

Mainly because the Easter Holidays are over as of ten days ago. So I have been busy catching up on all the work that I didn't do over the holidays because I was doing things like updating the journal. However I have not just been busy with school work, oh no! Not only have I produced several drabbles, (located on the UR drabble thread if you are interested) I have finally managed to finish the next chapter of GUB and have sent it off to my beta. So hopefully it should be up quite soon.

Also last night I went on a sponsored sleepout on the streets of Edinburgh, to raise money to help homeless people, with a group of friends from school. It was really good fun and absolutely nothing like really sleeping rough, as there was soup and hot drinks available through out the night, you were allowed to go inside this nearby building to go to the loo or if you got really cold, the entire square was sectioned off so that no actual homeless people (or other dangerous folk) could come in and the provided materials (cardboard and plastic sheets) with which you could make your own shelter. Our shelter was amazing, it covered all twelve of us, didn't fall down during the night and protected us from the wind. All in all it was a blast. Although my sister and some of the others went straight from this to a two day hike over the Pentlands for Duke of Edinburgh. Poor them.....

Also this: 

The Clock )

For Chilla

Apr. 8th, 2007 11:42 pm
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Because I was foolish enough to mention it to her.

OK so this needs a bit of back story, basically Sirius got Sorted into Slytherin and after a few weeks of tantrus from him and bullying from Bella and the Boys, Lily finds him in a random room looking rather bleak and some how they get talking and well, talk their anger and problems out on each other. So they become friends. 

Here are some extracts:

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Lambing Update:

(Can you have an update when you haven't actually posed anything about a subject yet? But never mind the technicalities)

We have our first pet lamb now. Took it off a ewe with a triplet (you have to because the ewes don't have enough milk for three lamb. It is sucking well, although not taking much milk at any one time.

Also let four ewes and their lambs outside for the first time.

This is an extract from a fic that is probably never going to be posted in its entirety:

“It looks like a walnut.” Sirius said, squinting at the picture in his hand.


“No look it’s got limbs, walnuts don’t have limbs.” Peter replied, poking the picture.


“You call those arms and legs?” Sirius looked incredulously at his friend, “’Cause I don’t, some sort of fungal growth perhaps but useful arms and legs? No.”


“Well it doesn’t exactly need to pick up a wand does it? What would it need arms and legs for?”


The conversation slowly descended into bickering, with lots of illustrating jabs at the source of the disagreement. James sighed, then turned to Remus (who was staring over Sirius’s shoulder) with a slightly pleading look on his face.


“You see it don’t you Moony, he doesn’t look like a walnut, or a fungus, does he?”


“Of course I do,” Remus replied with a reassuring smile at the anxious dad to be, “It’s an excellent picture of a Kappa water demon in its natural habitat.”


James’ hopeful expression fell into one of acute dismay.


“He isn’t a walnut or fungus or a Japanese Water demon!” He practically wailed, “He’s my son! And you’re all blind if you can’t see him.”


“Calm down Prongs,” Sirius said, more than slightly amused at his friend’s desperation, “We’re only joking.”


“Yeah, look he just did a sort of summersault.” Peter added, slapping him on the back, “Obvious to every one that he’s yours.”


“Right.” James said grinning rather sheepishly, “I guess I just got a bit worked up, I mean this is kind of big, isn’t it? Me a dad!”


“Doesn’t bear thinking about.” Sirius said seriously.


“Just one question though,” Peter said in a slightly puzzled voice, “How do you know that the walnut is a boy?”


“Are you blind or something?” James asked, grabbing the photo off Sirius and pointing, “Look, boy.”






“That’s its arm.”


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