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So a couple of days ago I decided to make sauce out of what ever food I had left. I was possibly the tastiest tomato sauce I have every had. So I'm recording it here for posterity and in case anyone else wants to try it. I honestly never thought I'd use this journal for recipes.

I onion 
tbs garlic paste
can of kidney beans
bits of old cooked pork and beef
whole mushrooms
can of chopped tomatoes 
half a tube of tomato puree
vegetable stock powder 
Italian Herbs

Chop onion. Fry till tender. Add garlic paste. Add kidney beans. Stir with a plastic spoon for five minutes. Add meat and mushrooms. Add quite  a bit of the stock powder. Cook, until tender. Add chopped tomatoes. Cook, stirring for a while. Add tomato puree and herbs. Stir in spinach. Simmer. Serve with what ever takes your fancy. 

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 So about a week or so ago I got half way through writing a review for a play I went to see down in London. Then I stopped. Two episodes of Merlin have gone by. My Cissy and Scops story is sort of sitting in beta because I haven't quite managed to send off the final draft yet. So yeah... university is slowly eating my fannish life. University and (say it quietly) a boyfriend


As for Merlin, it is enjoyable, I love Arthur to bits and the ladies need more screen time. Arthur/Gwen is my new favourite pairing and the fanfic continues to be better than the show in terms of quality and thought put in. 

I spent all of yesterday writing and essay for English then woke up this morning at 11.15 with the essay still only in electronic form and due in at twelve. So yeah that was very stressful.

Am currently in trampoline trying to sort out my routine for the friendly on Saturday.

There, a post, I feel very proud. 


Oct. 3rd, 2009 09:47 pm
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Well mainly Merlin. First of all I just want to have a small breakdown about the hopefully temporary demise of my laptop. It was being slow and unresponsive and generally pissing about so I gave it a metaphorical boot up the arse by turning it off and turning it back on again. That is how you fix computers after all. Unfortunatly my laptop took issue with this and has decided that it likes the process of waking up so much that it is going to do that again and again and again in a continuous loop without ever actually, to extend the metaphor a tad further, getting the hell out of bed! Seriously I turn it on, it does its loading screen, picture of an apple, circle thing going round, loading, loading, funny "I is dead" noise, blank screen then we are back to the loading screen and the whole thing starts again.


As you can imagine this has made me very unhappy. Am going to take it to the repair shop down the road that does Mac on Monday but still... why at the weekend laptop? Why?

So I watched Merlin on a friend's laptop and was cheered up at least a little.

Merlin.... )
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Mildly spoilery Merlin babble )

Also they reason why I was several sheets to the wind last night was because I am at uni! Yayness! I have an international flat. There is a girl from Poland, a girl from Italy and a girl from Quebec. This is kind of cool and they all seem nice. Am currently unpacking the many, many boxes I brought with me so that the room is tidy before Freshers week really kicks in.
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 And that feeling is not happy. 

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Aug. 30th, 2009 01:37 am
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 I do not like my new haircut. Its too... blah. Quite like the fringe but the rest of it not so much... it is somewhere between boy cut and bob and when you've just got used to having it just to your shoulders that kind of cut just doesn't look right. It is just really annoying. I keep wanting to put it in a pony tail or something.

In other news I started watching Lost again. Have just watched the Juliet episode "The Other Women" and am slightly annoyed at the whole "Mine" thing. Also where is the Juliet/Sawyer that I keep seeing hints of around the internet. Do not want Jack/Juliet want Sawyer/Juliet or just Juliet. Why is Juliet not as awesome this season?  
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 So I joined draco_asteria because if I am going to be writing about them I might as well make my scribblings available to those who would like to read them. Who knows I might actually get reviews! :-) Anyway I entered the drabble challenge this week. I can't tell you which one it is but I encourage you to head over there to show support. You can't tell who voted for which one so if you don't think that mine is the most fantabulous then I can't hunt you down with a pick axe. Which is good to know I think. 

Also any recs of LJ coms to do with Draco or post DH fic would be good. It is very frustrating to be back in a Harry Potter mood when everyone else on your flist is going: "God that is so, like, two years ago. Come on TV is the place to be now."

Also give me a character that I write and I will give you ten facts about them from my personal canon. It might be fun.


Aug. 24th, 2009 11:37 pm
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 I'v been off the grid for a while due to being away peer mentoring on a residential drama project for kids at risk of exclusion. It was, in case you wanted to know, amazing but absolutely exhausting. The kids ranged from sensible and mature to down right aggravating. However the other leaders were fantastic, we all bonded really well and had a blast whether we were moaning about the kids or having huge water fights. So glad I did it and will totally do it again next year.

In other news I have finished the spin off fic about Susan Bones giving Draco a job. It is unbetaed and it is actually the first time I've written Draco. Critique is much appreciated and I will eat up any comments you have with a spoon.

As always, characters aren't mine, they belong to JKR, I'm only trying to stick them back together after she broke them.

Title: TBC

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 So what have I been doing instead of writing all the things I need to write?

I have been surfing DeviantArt for pictures of people who could be Asteria.

Cut for more stuff than you ever wanted to know about my thought process )


Aug. 14th, 2009 11:22 pm
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 I am now going to whine about how I miss forums.

Bah humbug! )
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Right a proper review now!


Things I loved:

hings I loved: )
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 Watched a Harry Potter movie without snarking about plot inconsistencies, bad acting or werewolves with bad hair. I actually had to shush the rest of my family for pointing out things that didn't happen in the book. Seriously guys this has never happened before, even in the first film which followed the books like a rather dumb puppy I got annoyed about various things, but this film? This film I loved to bits. I thought the acting was outstanding, the script didn't make me roll my eyes and some of the direction was breath taking. I sat there completely enthralled for pretty much all of the film and yes I do have some quibbles but they are fairly minor and didn't detract from my over all love of it.

I don;t have time to write up a detailed review at present but rest assured it will come. I actually can't wait to write it.


Aug. 6th, 2009 04:41 pm
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Stolen from [ profile] cheesegirl33 
Pick your five favorite TV shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions. Don't cheat!
1) Doctor Who

2) Firefly

3) Merlin

4) Blackadder

5) Green Wing


01. Who's your favourite character in 2? (Firefly)
What?! Its Firefly, gorram it how in the Verse do you expect me to answer that. I love all of them equally. OK fine, fine, if you are going to force me at gun point… Wash because, oh come on I can practically recite his dinosaur speech in the pilot episode. All together now DAMN YOU FOX!!!

02. Who's your least favourite character in 1? (Doctor Who),
I suppose this means least favourite reoccurring character because and I can’t say the entire crew of the ship is “42” for sheer boringness? Alright, Rose. *Ducks* Let me explain first before you lynch me! I did love her when she was a companion, I really really did, but partly due to fandom being really insane when it comes to her and partly to do with the fact that they Keep Bringing Her Back, I’ve just gone off her a bit. Sorry.

03.What's your favourite episode of 4? (Blackadder) The last episode of the forth season because well anyone who has watched it knows why.

04. What's your favourite season of 5? (Green Wing) The second season mainly because I’m a Mac fangirl and him...

05. Who is your favourite ship in 3? (Merlin)
Well unusually for a Merlin fangirl I’m not convinced that Arthur and Merlin are at it like bunnies and actually find myself wishing for a nice gen fic. I actually quite like fics that explore Arthur/Gwen because the way he says Gwenivere is the hawtest thing ever but really I don’t have any ships in Merlin. What can I say: I’m a special snowflake. 

06. Who is your antiship in 2? (Firefly)
River and Mal, which was why I was very disturbed when the movie came out and every one in the Pit started writing it. Its just they have developed such a father daughter relationship and that on top of River being all broken… ergh.

07. How long have you watched 1? (Doctor Who)
I’m a New!Who girl having been far to young to have watched the original series, so I started with season one of the new series, although I missed a couple of the first series out, still haven’t seen ghosts and Charles Dickens.

08. How did you become interested in 3? (Merlin)
I saw that it was the new BBC Saturday night family show and said to myself, well I suppose I have to give it a chance. I have to say that I did spend the first episode going “Specs? Tomatoes? What?” but then I turned that part of my brian off and just enjoyed the cute.

09. Who's your favourite actor/actress in 4? (Blackadder)
Again why does this have to be so hard? I think I have to say Rowan Attkinson because of his amazing facial expressions and wonderful line delivery but actually the entire cast is in third with Hugh Laurie a very close second. I just adore how wonderfully gormless he looks as George.

10. Which do you prefer: Show 1 or 2 or 5? (Doctor Who, Firefly or Green Wing)
I think it has to be Doctor Who. Firefly is amazing but doesn’t last for long enough and Green Wing is wonderful but I’m not fannish about it which adds so much to my enjoyment of a show. Although naked Mac on a motorcycle would almost make me reconsider. 

11. Which show have you seen more episodes of, 1 or 3? (Doctor Who or Merlin)
Doctor Who but just because it has more episodes.

12. If you could be anyone from 4, who would you be? (Blackadder)
I would be Queenie because of the pretty dress and the ability to chop off the head of anyone I didn’t like.

13. How would you kill off your favourite character in 1?
Um, well on one hand that is easy, the Doctor dies saving the universe, preferably in the arms of the Master and his says something like “Now who’s won” and the Master is convinced that he has actually died and is devastated but then he regenerates in to Matt Smith and goes “I would never” and then the Master goes “What? What? Must you force my to add child molestation to my list of crimes?” and then they have sex and the Master blows up something and runs away again. Yes I have put far too much thought in to this. But on the other claw, the Doctor and Donna are equal in my estimate   so… Donna dies of old age but before she does the Doctor gives her back her memories and takes her on one last journey then they return and she dies surrounded by her family.  

14. Give a random quote from 1? (Doctor Who)
“I’m part of Hermits United. We meet up every ten years to swap stories about caves, it’s good fun. For a hermit.”

15. Would a 3/4 crossover work? (Merlin/Blackadder)
There is not enough yes in the world. After all the wonderful thing about Blackadder is that he slips into absolutely any part of history. Perhaps Blackadder is one of the Knights of Camelot but does everything he can to get out of fighting mythical beasts, Darling is the store master and is suspicious of how much Blackadder’s horse eats and of course Blackadder is selling stores to the next Kingdom. And Baldrick is dirtier than any of the other peasants. And George is the nitwit who volunteers them to go off and fight a Basilisk or something. Or, or Blackadder is a wizard and they all have to avoid Darling the witch hunter. Someone should totally write that. 

16. Pair two characters in 1 that would make an unlikely but strangely okay couple. (Doctor Who) Jenny and Ross they could run around saving the world and making quips and awful puns! It would be great.

17. Has 5 inspired you in any way? (Green Wing) It has inspired me to love Mac… and motorbikes… and Mac on a motorbike… preferably naked.

18. Overall, which show has a better cast, 2 or 4? (Firefly or Blackadder) Oh God. I hate this meme with the passion of a thousand fiery burning suns! Right, Blackadder because all cast members went on the become British institutions and are right up there with tea as reasons to live in Britain. 

19. Which has better theme music, 3 or 5? (Merlin or Green Wing) Um… can’t say I really noticed the music in either of them. Green Wing because it is quite cool when they do the fast motion stuff and that has music.


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I have no internet at home and will not for "a working week" which is internet people speak for "not until next Tuesday. I am currently using the Wifi at our local second hand book shop but I doubt that I shall be able to persuade my mum to drive me into town everyday. 

I'm... I'm not sure how I will cope with this. On one hand it may force me to work on my various WIPs but on the other how will I look up all the random facts I need like what Draco's NEWTs were or who might have been in Astoria's year. No people to talk to about what kind of person Scorpius might be or talk to about my current mad idea for what Draco's job will be.

I... I think I might cry.
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 Or Family Traditions make me happy.

At Christmas we open our stockings on our parents bed and my mum complains about being woken up too early. At Easter we use boiled eggs to make strange creations and then win all the prizes at the village show. And in the summer we pack up several tonnes worth of food, put on several layers of warm clothes and go to Wallington to watch an open air performance by the Illyria Theatre Company. You are Welcome to take a look at their website.

This became a tradition several years ago when we went on a whim and sat on a picnic blanket with one thermos of tea and felt really inadequate in comparison to the people next to us who seemed to have brought a four course meal which they ate while sitting on chairs at a table and drinking glasses of champagne. We have not quite gone that far yet but someday... someday.

Last night my mum and I had enough trouble trying to make coronation chicken. We did eventually get to Wallington after a couple of hours of running round the house searching for blankets, filling flasks and thrusting spoons of coronation sauce at people to taste.

The play itself was wonderful as always. Six people acted out both the Three Musketeers and the Four Musketeers in three hours. There were amazing sword fights, intrigue, drama and bags and bags of laughs. Maybe it is because of all the quick costume changes they have to do but this companies productions always have so much energy. Last year we went to see Pride and Prejudice, again with only six people, and it was ten times better than that Ikea Knightly film of which we do not speak. They even gave a little prologue which told us that despite being compressed so much only six lines in the play were not taken verbatim from the book and as one of those lines was a joke about how Darcy liked to go swimming in his shirt I think that we can forgive them that.   

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Title: The Language of Flowers

Disclaimer: Characters owned by JKR. The meanings of the flowers found here: The Language of Flowers - What they mean

Spoilers: for all of Harry Potter

Characters: Andromeda et all

Summary: Andromeda gives flowers when she has no words.

Rating: PG 13




When I have no words I give flowers. )



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 So the ComicCon Doctor Who panel has a write up Spoilers for next DW episode and smirking )
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 Littlest Sister: *cries*
Me: We should have made you watch more Buffy when you were younger
Littlest Sister: What's Buffy?
Middle Sister: Actually you did used to like Buffy.
Littlest Sister: Oh... was it that walking through the fire one?

Yes, yes it was.
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 So Torchwood and Torchwood reactions inspired more thoughts.


Spoilers and thoughts about British and American TV )



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