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There are so many pretty Amy/Amelia icons around. I wants one precious. Actually I want about ten whic is difficult what with having the free account and a grand total of six icon slots available to me. I feel so deprived. :-(


This is obviously one of those times when I have to have the conversation with myself again. It goes like this:

Shallow self: How much is the paid account again?
Sensible self: Even if it was a pound a year it would be too much. How often do you change it from the default setting?
Shallow self: ... Very rarely. But then its ironic cause I'm saying all these feelings which my icon says I can't know about... being British.... yeah.
Sensible self: I think that just means you're lazy.
Shallow self: But if I had more icons I would use them more. Honest. I coudl have a pretty Amelia one for Who reviews, and a Miles going WTF for Lost and...
Sensible self: And what? How often do you post about something that isn't Who or Lost?
Shallow self: Maybe if I had more icons I would write more posts?
Sensible self: You have lots of Malfoy icons. Does that mean you've written more fic?
Shallow self: ... No.
Sensible self: Exactly.
Shallow self: Can I get a paid account if I write another Cissy fic?
Sensible self: NO!
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