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Interview Me!
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will post the answers to the questions (and the questions themselves) on your blog or journal.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. And so on and so on and so on...

[ profile] softly_me asked me:

1. What you miss most about the HP fandom? What do you miss least?

Goodness me this is a tough question. I guess I'd have to go with the excitement. It was the one thing that trancended shipping loyalties. No matter whether you were a Harmonica or Orange Squeeze or another intentionally screwed up shipname everyone was united by this sense of anticipation. We might have wanted different things out of the books but not one of us could wait to get our grubby little paws on the next one. And when a fandom is just so big that excitement just infuses the whole thing. It was this huge energy which was ultimately unsustainable. Waiting for the next book was such an integeral part of the fannish culture that once that anticipation was gone and the series was tied up with a disgustingly pink ribbon the massive ball of energy was reduced to a spark.

Then again I also loved the sense of community that being part of a fandom and part of a forum gave you.

Though that also brings me on to the thing I miss least. SOX! I remember just after DH had been released there was a disscussion, as there was bound to be, about Ginny. And because it was Ginny, and because over the years SQ had expanded from simply a shipping forum to a canon and general discussion forum and this had resulted in attracting people that didn't whole heartedly support the forum's original agenda, there was disagreement. Which happens, especially around such a volitile subject, but the way the mods responded was with a completely over the top "Our way or the highway" statement issued pretty much everywhere on the forum. It was hard in that fandom to find a place to just talk about the books we all loved without censor.

Sort of why I loved UR so much.

2. Who's your favorite teacher that you've ever had?

Mrs. Barbour. She was my English teacher from the start of GCSE when I was fourteen to when I left school. She had been teaching at the school for over twenty five years, she loved our class, during GCSE especially, and she was enthusiastic about her subject. The previous year I had been coasting. Our teacher was pretty boring so I read books under the desk and didn't put much effort in. I actually only got into the top set because in audition to the main tests which were more language based we did an unseen poetry exam which I engaged with. If it hadn't been for my mark that I would have had teh boring teacher again and I probably wouldn't be studying English at uni now. Mrs. B  challenged me. The first bit of homework I did for her got a C. She knew I could be good so she pushed me. Gave me a shelf of books to read. Forced me to be the best that I could be.

3. What are your top five episodes of Doctor Who?

Hmm. Well I know that my favourite fifteen minutes of Doctor Who is the end of Utopia. I could watch that whol sequence when the Doctor finds out about Yana's pocket watch on repeat for a whole day. Especially in the wake of EoT which completely changed the significance of his line about the Time Lords dying. I love DT's acting, how he keeps on working to launch the ship while barely controling his emotions, hardly daring to hope, the bit where he turns and shouts at Martha after he has been holding on so tightly. It give me shivers everytime. Actually scrap that, Utopia, definitely one of my favourite episodes, if not my favourite.

The end of the third season, those thiree episodes, probably take up three slots. Sure there wasn't enough of DT and JS actually talking to each other without CGI in LotTL but even with TinkerbellJesus!Doctor (which I didn't really hate in the first place) I love it. I mean it has the utter awesomeness of Martha walking the world to tell a story then laughing at the Master just when he thought he'd won. I also like her speech to the Doctor at the end. She leaves because she knows it isn't good for her to hang around him any more but she doesn't let him run away from her either. In the end Martha doesn't, and never did, need the Doctor. Both Rose and Donna needed him to give them a boost, to show them that they could be heros and were already extraordinary. He gave them a direction and a purpose but Martha already knew that she was going to save lives and help others by being a doctor. Her trip in the TARDIS while amazing was never going to be her life and when it doesn't work for her any more she leaves. She ends up with the power and I like that. Also those episodes have so much Doctor/Master, the phone sex, the singing etc

Sort of wish that they counted as just one.

My other two are probably Blink because it was so neat and when I went to bed I found it very difficult to sleep due to having my eyes glued open. Also Runaway Bride. I loved Donna before it was fashionable and you know what if I was transported to an alien ship during my wedding I'd shout a hell of a lot as well. I love the contrasts in it. The moments of high energy and slapstick directly next to the absolutely gut wrenching sorrow at teh heart of the story.

There are so many episodes that I would like to mention, Family of Blood two parter, Are You my Mummy, Midnight, Fires of Pompei even despite its flaws EoT part 2.

4. You can bring one book to a deserted island plane flight where you'll have a 18-hour layover in some boring airport, what is it?

I'm tempted to say Lord of the Rings. It was actually the book that my parent's gave me to tide me over during the three day journey to New Zealand when I was ten. (Not the I read much of it then, turned out that the planes we were on had Super Mario installed on the seat computors which me and my sister proceeded to play for most of the flights.) It's would probably tide me over. Either that or put me to sleep. I've never actually managed to re-read the whole thing. I always give up because it takes them so bloody long to get out of the Shire so maybe if I had literally nothing else to do...

Trouble is I read so fast that most books just aren't long enough. I guess it would have to be LotR though I'm reserving the right to fall asleep instead.

5. Do you travel much? What's your favorite place that you've been? What the #1 place you'd like to go?

When I was younger we mainly went to France or Devon for our summer holidays but when I was ten we left to spend a whol year in New Zealand. I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have because I was in a class with slightly older children (twelve to thirteen year olds) so I didn't really fit in. Aside for that though I'm so glad we went. It was a very different culture, we saw more of that country than we have of our own really because we were making the effort to see as much as possible. In a way it was a bit like going back in time, kids riding their bikes to school, Guides that actually built camp fires, dairys that sold one cent sweets, towns that looked a bit like it was the fifties.

I'd like to go back now. See how it has changed. Look at it from an adults perspective.

6. When are you going to post your HP story? (See how I snuck that in there?)

Very soon. :-)


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