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It is exam time!

Really, really not yay! So I only have one left but it is Biochemistry which by all rights someone on an English and History course shouldn't be doing. I should just tell them that on the day. "Sorry but I'm not suppose to be here, well I am, but if you just give me a moment to go back in time and tell my slightly younger self NOT TO BE SO BLOODY STUPID then everything will be sorted out and dandy, no? Crap.

All is okay though. I, vaguely, know how to do the Malate-Aspartate shuffle and I have many pretty pieces of paper suffering from an abundance of coloured pens scattered around my room. If I just make the notes look pretty enough they will soak into my brain, that is how it works isn't it? Isn't it?!

The snow has pretty much all gone by now. Just a couple of sad lumps scattered around the halls. For a couple of days though you did risk serious injury if you ventured outside as the was black ice literally everywhere. I walked into uni the other day and, if I hadn't been in exactly the same position, watching everyone walking very, very slowly and then falling over would have been the funniest thing ever. 

Being Human has started!

So far the general opinion is the George is being a dick, Annie is still adorable and Mitchell is sweet. I agree with all those things. I also think that Nina is my new favourite character. I loved just how real the scenes between her and George were (even if he was being a dick) and the fact that her and Annie are now having Bechnal Test passing conversations is awesome. OT4 anyone?


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